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 Kaosu's Second Branch / Narame

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PostSubject: Kaosu's Second Branch / Narame   Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:44 pm

~Basic Clan Info~

Clan Name: Narame.

Kekei Genkai: Hariton. - Crystal Release.

This particular Kekkei Genkai was founded by the Narame after finding a cavern full of a special crystal, known as 'Narusu', dangerous to the Kazura bloodline. These crystals were then formed to the Narame bloodline, through endless generations of the clan, many of them were prosperous in finding ways of their power over crystallization of chakra, in different shapes and forms of marking themselves with crystals at birth, and through mating through clans. Even with this in mind, the Narame men have always been training with their Kin and family. The women of the clan also trained hardly in severe situations, some of them pleasantly, some not. This so called, 'Crystal' is placed on the middle forehead and 'Manhood' or 'Womanhood' area of a ninja when at birth.

The crystal implanted within the user at birth grows with the chakra it feeds off of during the course of the ninja's life. At childhood is the time when the crystal is growing the most, protecting the ninja from most Taijutsu and Ninjutsu tactical attacks. The crystal can be easily manipulated at a certain age of the ninja, around the age of Chuunin and Jounin is the best age for the manipulate of the Crystal. Since this Kekkei Genkai was birthed in the Land of the Moon, this technique works much better in the darkness, more than the light. When the Crescent or full moon of the night is out, power of the crystal is manipulated at a better pace then a regular type of manipulation. With the reflection of the moon's light against the shining colored crystal, it can vary in it's power of the manipulation of crystal and use it to an advantage over most others, and can result in many other types of attacks and defensive types of barriers.

The Crystal is a dangerous sort of crystal, known for Absorbing chakra to a point where it can kill a user if too exposed to it. But when a ninja is implanted with the crystal, it actually absorbs the chakra and stores it for later use on the life of the ninja. Maybe to save their life, maybe for different kinds of purposes.

The Narusu can also be used as a medical item and remove chakra from a serious wound and place it back to the ninja afflicted and use it to do many other types of medical research. Various types of duties and abilities are held with the crystal, and can and only be used by the member wielding it's great power. Two Narame can only control their own crystal, and can't touch another, because the same effect will just result in total downfall to one's chakra network.

Narame Crystal • Narusu

The Narame Crystal, known as Narusu in it's basic and inhuman form, is quite well known for it's chakra absorbing capabilities. When channeled with a good enough amount of chakra though, it has many of it's normal, and inhuman amounts of it's dark nature. With it's technique, it can grow to certain lengths, maybe to a sharp point with it's growth for use of a sword or a kunai, or other types of weaponry. But, as all crystal, it can shatter in moments, but not so much when implanted in a member. In some cases, when channeled with a far amount of chakra, it's molecules begin to shatter, thus causing an explosion in the center of the crystal, causing it to fly about maybe up to 50m, at max.

Power Increase by Moon Light

Aborbstion through Time:
1 Post: E Rank Chakra.
2 Posts: D Rank Chakra.
3 Posts: C Rank Chakra.
4 Posts: B Rank Chakra.
5 Posts: B Rank Chakra.
6 Posts: A Rank Chakra.
7 Posts: A Rank Chakra.

Chakra Siphoning from Narusu Crystal.

Amount of Chakra Siphoned per post while on target:
E Rank: 1 post.
D Rank: 3 Posts.
C Rank: 4 Posts.
B Rank: 5 Posts.
A Rank: 7 Posts.
S Rank: 10 Posts.

Amount of Chakra Siphoned from Narame during day. Mixed with Regeneration of Chakra due to Evolution of the body matching the amount siphoned:
E Rank: 5 Posts.
D Rank: 6 Posts.
C Rank: 7 Posts.
B Rank: 10 Posts.
A Rank: 15 Posts.
S Rank: 20 Posts.

Clan Symbol: -

~Clan History/Legend~

History/Legend Of The Clan: The Narame was born of a Narusu crystal at the beginning, while no one knew of it's power. It was an experiment at first, testing to see what would happen to the girl they had placed the crystal on. It was a success to say the most, until it became too much. A building fell before the first Narame in history, for her power was too great for normal humans to contain. The crystal known as Narusu was excavated two hundred years ago within the caverns of Naru. The caverns were told to be held a special crystal that came up from the earth's mantle, only a few years before. It's faint red glow from the tip of the cave was enough to prove it's worth to hunters. Not many survived. Thieves, Hunters, Gatherers all fell to it's power. It's life-sucking energies befell anything that came it's way, and destroyed their minds. The Narame was born on the day the girl had reproduced. Due to high hormone levels in breeding with another clan.

Being of such, the clan's traits had very, special meanings to them. They loved to bring war to other clan's, breeding upon them to experiment their crystal on them. But with this lust for war brought, Difficulties. Their defensive and offensive power was far too much for mere chakra-based clans, even for Physical ones. Their lust for more than war grew their clan to immense sizes, and it began to die off from overpopulation. They would not be able to find enough food for the clan in time for their clan mates to die out from starvation or dehydration. Their nutrients had adapted themselves, to be like the crystals that were on their bodies, and merge with nutrients from around them. They were the Narame, the Crystal Gods.

Clan Information: -

~Clan Ways~

Clan Training: -

Secret Clan Jutsu:

Name: Crystal Release • Growth -Hariton • Kaiku-
Rank: E
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Hariton[Crystal Release]
Description: Utilizing the crystal placed in the ninja at birth, they can use a small amount of chakra to enlarge a piece of the crystal to a desired amount and use it for a different technique or to use for a specific purpose. This can also be shaped into an object with some ease. Other forms of this include the Hariton • Suishouhibana.

Name: Crystal Release • Crystal Spark -Hariton • Suishouhibana-
Rank: D
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Hariton[Crystal Release]
Description: Utilizing the crystal on the ninja's arm, they can shift a small amount of it into a thin piece of a toothpick-shaped object. This object can piece a small amount of skin and place it in the target. Since this crystal is 'Narusu', a chakra draining crystal, it can drain a small amount of chakra from that target. This depends on how much is added to this piece of crystal, and drain it accordingly.

Name: Crystal Divine Light • Rising Forest -Hari Kamiranpu • Shinkoumori-
Rank: C
Type: Genjutsu
Element: Hariton[Crystal Release]
Description: Placing a small amount of Narusu crystal into the ground below them, it will emanate a small amount of chakra. Waving a simple palm into the air, and to the ground, the caster can send hundreds of waves of Genjutsu chakra towards an opponent and make them sense themselves being surrounded by giant crystal-shaped trees all around them. As the trees begin to cease growing, they will retract giant spikes from every side of their form and send them to the opponent. This effect can rarely be counteracted to many standards. This also takes a great deal of chakra to pull off as well.

Name: Crystal Release • Cutting Slash -Hariton • Tateru no Kizu-
Rank: C - B
Type: Taijutsu
Element: Hariton[Crystal Release]
Description: Utilizing the chakra-absorbing crystal implanted in the ninja, they can utilize this with a bare palm or desired part of the body. Placing a small amount of crystal on the desired part of the body, infusing it with a small amount of chakra, the ninja can slash their palm directly, or in the direction, of an opponent and release it to their body. Once impacted on the body, it can instantly latch onto it and begin to sap chakra slowly out of the opponent. This is useful for hunting and capturing a target with ease. This crystal can be removed as soon as it reaches the target, but remains trapped on the opponent unless taken off by the ninja itself. Other uses of this technique include being able to use chakra to make it explode/implode on the opponent, and tear off limbs, or just plain kill an opponent all together. This is a deadly technique for the perfect hit.

Name: Crystal Release • Exploding Crystal -Hariton • Bakuhatsuhari-
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Hariton[Crystal Release]
Description: Utilizing the chakra-absorbing crystal implanted in the ninja, they can utilize this with ease. Throwing/Placing a certain size of crystal on an object or person, they can perform the 'Dragon' hand seal and make it explode on contact of something and spread crystal around the area with ease. Since this is Narusu crystal, it can absorb chakra within a target/opponent. Blast Radius is from 5m to 15m.

Name: Crystal Release • Dark Forest -Hariton • Kuraihayashi-
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Hariton[Crystal Release]
Description: Utilizing a large amount of crystal in the ninja's body, they can implant it in the ground and begin to take cover. Forming various hand seals, they can release stored chakra within the crystal to make it explode it around the area, creating large spikes that can go from 2 meters to 50 meters from the explosion point. When these spikes hit soft soil or hardened rock, they can grow to the size of normal trees within moments of time. When these crystal trees take full form, they can release spikes from the branches and trunk of the trees, and send them out in all directions, or when the ninja desires, to a certain area of their pleasing. Since this is such a far-ranged and much sized technique, this takes a massive amount of chakra to pull off.

Name: Crystal Release • Spike Arm -Hariton • Ude no Kasui-
Rank: B-A
Type: Taijutsu
Element: Hariton[Crystal Release]
Description: Utilizing the crystal implanted in the ninja at birth, they can form it to any part of the body. Moving a small amount of crystal to the desired part of the body, mainly an arm or part of the leg, they can form a hand seal to make the crystal grow along the edges of the part of the body to a point where it looks like a giant spike. This spike can slice through some dense steel and other types of material. Since this is such a large-scale technique, this takes a small amount of chakra to that point of the body. The Crystal can be removed in some time, it can't be removed immediately.

~Extra Clan Info~

Clan Population:

Additional Information: -

Clan Founder: Narina Narame.

Important Members: Narina Narame.

Clan Allys: Kazura, Amizaru.

Clan Enemies: -

Clan Details: Open w/ Permission.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaosu's Second Branch / Narame   Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:46 pm

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Kaosu's Second Branch / Narame
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