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 The Karitori clan

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PostSubject: The Karitori clan   Sun Mar 21, 2010 2:24 am

~Basic Clan Info~

Clan Name: Karitori

Kekkei Genkai: The Karitori clan’s Kekkei Genkai is a Kekkei Genkai that even people of the Byakugan have been trying to get for centuries.

The user can open holes in his or her hands, mouth, and eyes. Then, they can shoot out odd, ghostly green substance. This substance then becomes… beings. Beasts, people, etc. These beings have been dubbed Yurei. The user, having summoned them, then can control them. The user is called a Shinigami, or Death Gods.

The Yurei come in three different classes. The first one is called Kemuri. It comes out of the user’s hands. The Kemuri cannot touch anything, and cannot speak. Instead, they communicate with gestures. These are mainly used for spying. They are always a humanoid shape.

The second one is called Kotai. It comes out of the user’s mouth. These can attack people, and use weapons. They are like fighters. They can’t use jutsu or anything. They’re basically like summons. They can come in any shape.

The third, and final one, is called Kenryoku. It comes out of the user’s eyes. These can come in any shape. They can attack things, and inflict pain. They can also enter something, and control it for a minor amount of time.

What can be summoned, and how many:

S-Rank: Yurei – 8; Kotai – 6; Kenryoku – 3
A-Rank: Yurei – 6; Kotai – 4; Kenryoku – 1
B-Rank: Yurei – 4; Kotai – 3
C-Rank: Yurei – 2; Kotai – 1
D-Rank: Yurei – 1
E-Rank: None

NOTE: This takes up a lot of chakra – 10% of the person’s chakra for each Yurei.

The Karitori Clan has another part to their Kekkei Genkai: When using a special blindfold, they can summon Warui, the Demon of Death. The demon will then fight for them.


NOTE #2: Warui is completely resistant to Nara shadow control, and resistant to Fire Jutsu, but very weak to Lightning, and Earth. I mean VERY weak.

NOTE #3: Warui strikes fear in EVERYONE’S heart.

Clan Symbol:

~Clan History/Legend~

History/Legend Of The Clan: This clan’s legend goes back to the first scrolls. It is an ancient clan, which was suppose to have been the second clan ever formed.

The Karitori clan’s history is only taught to members of the clan. Outside of the clan, a legend has been passed down. I will show both.

Legend: The Karitori was formed from the pits of the underworld. The clan members appeared, with unknown abilities. These clan members began terrorizing the world.

The Karitori clan’s abilities became clear years after they revealed themselves to the world. They could summon strange ghost-like beings. The Karitori clan was Shinigami’s!

The Karitori clan terrorized the world for ages. Eventually, the Gokage were able to convince them to seize their actions. The Karitori clan left for Konoha, and became the most powerful clan ever.

The Karitori clan existed for ages, until they were, recently, completely wipes out by the Akatsuki for unknown reasons.

True History: The Karitori was formed centuries as the second clan in the world. Ordinary people, who studied the old Death Scrolls, formed them. The people then stole the scrolls, memorized them, and burned them. They then used what they had learned to try and take over the world.

The Karitori clan terrorized the world, attacking lands everywhere. Burning villages, torturing people, etc. In the land of the stone, though, the members were subjected to a radiation. The radiation gave them their Kekkei Genkai. –See Kekkei Genkai-

The Karitori clan finally ended terrorizing the when the Gokage confronted them. There was a log battle, which ended in the Karitori winning. The Karitori clan agreed with the Gokage’s proposal – That they stop terrorizing the world… On one condition: They wanted two things. 1) Protection from anyone attacking them, 2) They wanted their clan members to be treated with utmost respect. In order to protect the world, the Gokage agreed.

However, that agreement was broken centuries later. The entire clan was attack, and wiped out, by the Akatsuki.

… Or so they thought.

One clan member survived the attack, and is now out looking for revenge.

And this is where the history ends.

Clan Information: The Karitori clan wears all black, gray, or red. Everyone has a red cross tattooed on his or her cheek, painted on metal plates on their jackets, and painted on their Ninja headbands.

IMPORTANT: EVERYONE thinks the Karitori clan is completely wiped out, and NOBODY, repeat, NOBODY knows that there is one survivor.

IMPORTANT #2: The reaction from just about EVERYBODY if they found out about the remaining clan members would at first be: “NO WAY!” then: “They’re lying.” And finally: “HOLY CRAP HE’S TELLING THE TRUTH!” They would be amazed. I mean f***ing amazed. They would ask questions, etc.


~Clan Ways~

Clan Training: The clan trains in special, confined rooms. There they get an instructor, and learn the secret clan jutsu, and how to control Warui, and the Yurei.

Secret Clan Jutsu:

Name: Jaaku Na Tekunikku Wo Shokan
Element: None
Type: Ninjutsu – Summoning
Description: This technique summons the demon Warui. It is part of their Kekkei Genkai. The user first puts on a special blindfold, then does EVERY handseal. Then, the mark of Warui (
) appears on the palm of their left hand. Then, black chakra swirls around them, and Warui himself is summoned. (
Effects on User: The user’s skin and flesh are ripped away slowly, causing wounds to appear. Also, it uses 85% of the user’s chakra. (:O)

Name: Akuma No Noroi Shiru
Element: None
Type: Curse Seal
Description: The Akuma No Noroi Shiru is a curse seal put on every clan member. When activated, the user enters a demon-like state. The user’s chakra supply is doubled, and they can fly.
Effects on User: The user’s chakra supply is doubled, and they can fly. They enter a demon-like state as well.

There are consequences though – Huge ones: The user dies. Right away. After the curse seal has been deactivated. They cannot talk in the demon state, except in the Karitori native tongue. The cross on the user’s cheek activates the curse seal. It lasts until all enemies have been wiped out (All current enemies.)

The user is extremely venerable to Lightning and Earth jutsu in this state, but unaffected by Shadow manipulation (Nara clan) and resistant to Fire Jutsu


~Extra Clan Info~

Clan Population: 1

Additional Information:

Clan Founder: Karitori Mariku

Important Members: Karitori Itami

Clan Allies: None

Clan Enemies: The Akatsuki

Clan Details: CLOSED!!!
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PostSubject: Re: The Karitori clan   Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:19 pm



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The Karitori clan
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