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This is a Naruto rp! Make your Naruto character and become the best shinobi of all!
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PostSubject: Rules..   Sat Jan 23, 2010 8:18 pm

I'm going to tell you how to train. It's simple as pie just rp with someone or your sensei if you have one and have some fun and if it's a private rp topic then on the topic title type (PRIVATE!) or ppl will look at it... So thats basicly it :] Have fun rping with friends and others!

Academy Student - 50 words

Genin- 210 words

Chuunin - 300 words

Jounin - 485 words

Special Jounin - 700 words

All Missin-Nin - 820 words

Anbu - 945 words

Anbu Captain - 1000 words

Akatuski - 1500 words

Sannin - 1750 words

Kages - 2000 words.
Shingami - 350 words

Ryoka - 560 words


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