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 Mira Clan

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PostSubject: Mira Clan   Thu Mar 11, 2010 6:48 pm

I dont know if i need to post this or not, but here it is.

~Basic Clan Info~

Clan Name: Mira

Kekei Genkai: The Miragan, a Doujutsu based on reflection and reversal. I also allows users to have perfect control over clones that match their element(s). Check my character app for details.

Clan Symbol: A blue circle within a White ring.

~Clan History/Legend~

History/Legend Of The Clan: A family of ninja decided that it was futile to try to grow more
powerful than their opponents, as their opponents were working towards
the same goal. in an effort to oppose this, they instead tried to find
a way to return an opponents attacks back on them. As the family grew
and the justu was perfected, members of the family started to exibit a
strange occurence in the eyes, where the iris extended to remove any
sign of the pupil in the eyes. Through this they discovered that the
jutsu they were working on is a Doujutsu, and not a ninjutsu. with this
understanding, the Miragan as they called it flourished until about 75%
of the family could use it in battle. After testing their powers on a
band of ninja thieves, the family created a hidden village on top of a
mountain and trained in secret. only recently has Mira village let
academy students and genin travel to other towns.

Clan Information: The clan resides in a village named after them that is not too far from the leaf village.

~Clan Ways~

Secret Clan Jutsu: The Miragan and the jutsu that activates it. Water crystal mirror, a S ranked jutsu only the head of the clan is allowed to learn.

~Extra Clan Info~

Clan Population: Population of the clan is about 300 currently.

Clan Founder: Hotsuga Mira, the first ninja to sucessfully use the Miragan.

Important Members: Tenru Mira, the current leader of the clan. Siesko Mira, the Heir apparant to the clan leader position.

Clan Allys: None currently. All other clans are tolerated.

Clan Enemies: None currently.

Clan Details: Open to all members, pm me to get my permission.
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PostSubject: Re: Mira Clan   Thu Mar 11, 2010 7:56 pm

Ok approved anyways..

But... when I mean Secret Clan jutsu is jutsus that your clan members only know not the kekei genkai. Like Uchiha clan, Grand Fireball Jutsu is a secret clan jutsu.


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Mira Clan
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